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      • About faith and reason

           • About creation and evolution

                • About the trinity

                     • About fairness and justice

                         • About heaven and hell

                               • About people who have never heard

                                    • About daily living

                                         • About hypocrites in the church

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Bible credibility Christian faith is reasonable God's creation

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FaithExplorer is a set of free online materials to help youth pastors and volunteer youth leaders explain the basics of Christian faith to teenagers.


Lessons make no mention of any writer, church, school, organization, product or service.


Everything is free. Nothing for sale.


No talking heads or distractions; only animated pictures and motion graphics, with voice-over, to maximize attention, comprehension and retention.


Plays instantly on computer, smartphone, tablet, projector and TV.




'The most understandable presentation of Christian faith I have ever seen.'




FaithExplorer receives over 600 requests for lessons every day




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God's trinity God is holy, just and love What is heaven? What is hell?
Is Jesus the only way? Living each day as a Christian We are the church


Nine parts plus discussion questions

Examples of questions answered

What youth leaders are saying

Adam and Eve, Noah and the Ark, Jonah and the Whale ... can any intelligent person really believe those stories?

Is science and evolution wrong?

Is there a Protestant Bible and a Catholic Bible? Many different kinds of Bibles today? How can anyone know what to believe?

If Christian faith is based on the Bible (New Testament), how could there be churches and converts before it was even written?

Will there be people in heaven who never even heard about Jesus or the Bible?

Isn't faith just a crutch for people who are not critical thinkers, for people who just believe whatever their minister, family or friends tell them?

Is doubt a sin?

Isn't sin relative to each person's time, place and situation?

If God is all-powerful and wants us to be good, why didn't he just create us good in the first place?

Is there a sin worse than murder, so bad it can't be forgiven? What is it?

Isn't 'trinity' theological jargon that's impossible to comprehend?

If God is love, how can he send someone to hell?


If Jesus was dead for only three days, and then came alive to a better life, how could that be the ultimate sacrifice?


If God is holy, just and love, how can there be both a heaven and a hell? Don't those attributes create an impossible dilemma?


Can bad people go to heaven? Can good people go to hell?


Some people say God is fair ... but look around, can anyone really think he's fair?


What is original sin? Predestination? Election?


Isn't it arrogant for Christians to say that Jesus is the only way?


How will God deal with the uninformed and misinformed? What about people who died but never heard?


Did Jesus die just for our sins or for the sins of the whole world?


Do we lose our salvation when we sin?


Of the hundreds of commandments in the Bible, which ones did Jesus say are the most important?


What are sacraments? Are they just for Catholics, or do Protestants have them, too? How essential are they?


What about all the hypocrites in the church? Doesn't that prove that much of what goes on in church is phony?

The most understandable presentation of Christin faith I have ever seen. J.B., Editor, Christian Faith International

Offering something no one else has come up with. M.J., Vancouver BC, Canada

This stuff is really great.  B.A., Tulsa OK

Thank you for this awesome, free information. I was going to sit down and figure out this Bible study for the teens on my own, but you made it so easy. Now I am ready with your material. Thanks so much for your help.  I.T., Moreno Valley CA

My husband and I teach youth at [church]. God led me to your websie and I was so impressed with the quality of the program.  S.C., Poquoson VA

... love this for our teen group. They are full of great questions that others are uncomfortable asking and answering.  C.A. Maysville KY

I teach a senior high Sunday School class in our Methodist Church ... materials are relevant for my students. S.B., Minster OH

This is a great way of teaching our teens. L.D., Corydon IN

We have about twenty kids ... new and fun way to teach them. J.W., Royal AZ

I am a teens Bible study leader ... your materials are a great help. F.K., Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

I Googled themes or activities for older teens and came across this site. I want to say this is the best information I have come across for what I need. It's right on time, not confusing. I love it! C.G. [email address only]

... provides clear explanation for questions that teens want to know but hesitate to ask verbally during Bible study.  T.H., Flat Lick KY

... use in mentoring and teaching youth at church. L.M., Tapping, Western Australia

I have a small group of Hispanic teens who need really basic Bible study topics. This is perfect way to start. S.S., Addiston TX

... resources that get and keep the interest of our young peopleC.J., Clarksville TN

... starting a Bible study at our church for youth. I have printed out the handouts and this will be a good place to start our lesson plans. C.K., Nacogdoches TX

I'm youth director ... Our youth kids are questioning many things regarding the faith that they have in God. I was looking for some sources and found your website ... awesome ... great resources to share.  H.S., Rowland Heights CA

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