Where should I start reading

in the Bible?

Should I start in the beginning? What is difference between Old Testament and New Testament? Where do I find the most important things to know?

The Bible is a collection of 66 spiritual documents, bound together into a book of about 1200 pages.

It consists of two parts: 39 books of the Old Testament (God's old way of dealing with people, difficult to understand), 26 books of the New Testament (God's new way of dealing with people, easy to understand), and one final book of the New Testament (Revelation, in figurative language, difficult to understand, subject to many different interpretations).

Explained in this video:

As explained in the video, it is usually best to start by reading the 26 books of the New Testament. This part of the Bible is only about 250 pages and covers everything essential to know about the consequences of a person's relationship – or lack of relationship – with God today, through Jesus Christ.

Whether believer or not, every well-educated person should read the New Testament, which is still the world's best selling book.

The New Testament was originally written in Greek but is now available online and in bookstores everywhere in many modern English translations (and over 3,000 other languages!) Different translations give slightly different shades of meaning, but they all report the same message.

If you want to start by reading only one book, the Gospel of Luke (about 40 pages) is a a good beginning.

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