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teenagers in Bible study

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User comments

"Thank you for this awesome, free information. I was going to sit down and figure out this Bible study for the teens on my own, but you made it so easy. Now I am ready with your material. Thanks so much for your help."  I.T., Moreno Valley CA


"... love this for our teen group. They are full of great questions that others are  uncomfortable asking and answering."  C.A., Maysville KY


"I just want to say this is the best information I have come across for what I need. A friend of mine from church is starting a vocational Bible school and asked me if I would help. I complied and he had given me kids 12-18, so I Googled themes and activities for teens and came across this site. It is right on time, not confusing and very easy to understand. I love it! C.G., email


" ... have been so amazed ... love the Bible study for my teens group."  L.W., Dundee OH


"The stuff I found on your website is excellent information to aid our younger members in the art of witnessing and just talking to people abut faith and Christianity in general ... It is definitely a power tool to use."  B.S., Ft Bragg NC


"Oh! Your website is great."  J.M., Baton Rouge LA


"This is an awesome tool and thank you for providing this site. These basic principles are much needed to be explained in simple terms." K.F., email


"I teach a senior high Sunday School class in our Methodist Church ... materials are relevant for my students."  S.B., Minster OH


"This is a great way of teaching our teens."  L.D., Corydon IN


"... to learn what to say to my teen girl Bible study."  K.J., Zephyrillis FL


"We have about twenty kids ... new and fun way to teach them."  J.W., Royal AZ


"I teach a high school Bible class on Sunday morning ... perfect for them."  D.I., Sacramento, CA


"I am a teens Bible study leader ... your materials a great help." F.K., Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


"I use it as family tool - with my teenagers. I plan to have my teenagers present it to their youth group leader at church. I plan to get my neighborhood teenagers involved (my children's friends)." J.L., Meriden CT


"I have a 14 year old daughter who just accepted Christ. I am looking to help her get started in a good Bible study."  K.H., Denton NC


"Thanks for these awesome resources."  G.J., DeSoto TX

"... resources that get and keep the interest of our young people."  C.J., Clarksville TN


"I have a small group of Hispanic teens who need really basic Bible study topics. This is perfect way to start."  S.S., Addison TX


"... provides clear explanation for questions that teen students want to know, but hesitate to ask verbally during Bible study."  T.H., Flat Lick KY


"I'm youth director ... Our youth kids are questioning many things regarding the faith that they have in God. I was looking for some sources and found your website ... awesome ... great resources to share."  H.S., Rowland Heights CA


"I Googled themes or activities for older teens for VBS and came across this site. I want to say this is the best information I have come across for what I need. It's right on time, not confusing. I love it!"  C.G., email


"This is the best explanation of Bible truths I have ever experienced!"  K.T., Ashland OH


"My husband and I teach teen SS and this is a great resource for us."  J.K., Pleasant Plain OH


"Wow! ... use in my FCA club at the high school as I am the FCA sponsor."  S.G., Christianburg VA

Menu Bible Study
teenagers in Bible study
Menu Bible Study
teenagers in Bible study
Menu Bible Study
teenagers in Bible study

Teen Bible Study