What if I can't believe everything

in the Bible?

Adam and Eve? Noah and ark? Jonah and big fish? Methuselah lived 969 years? Moses parted the Red Sea? Joshua stopped the sun?

We don't have to believe everything in the Bible to be a Christian. In fact, the early Christians didn't even have a Bible and probably knew little or nothing about the Jewish scriptures.

Most of the stories people have trouble believing – like the above examples – are from the Old Testament. The Christian message was given by Jesus and is now recorded in the New Testament. Information contained in the New Testament is the basis of Christian faith and is what we need to know and believe today.

Explained in this video:

As explained in the video, this doesn't mean that we disbelieve some of the stories in the Old Testament. It just means that they are from an ancient world we don't understand, that they are interesting but essentially irrelevant to us today. Regardless of how we explain or interpret them, literally or figuratively, it's okay to leave them unresolved in our minds as we make today's decision about Christian faith.

There's nothing wrong or disingenusous about saying, 'I don't know. I don't understand.' Like thousands of other questions in life we can't answer about things that seem strange to us, we regard them as interesting but not essential, and we move on.

In Christian faith, rather than get hung up looking for non-essential answers pertaining to  the past, we act on the essential answers we do have for today, in the New Testament.

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